button up

I couldn’t resist buying these pants when I saw them in Monki. It’s the buttons, I just had to have them. Would you call them culottes? I’m not sure what they are. They were a bit longer but I had them tailored as that length didn’t suit me. Or I felt uncomfortable. I must say I didn’t like the trend in the beginning, but it’s growing on me. And I bet I’ll be wearing the shishh out of these pants come summer! Riding around on my Unicorn, pretending I’m in Rome.

pants – monki // silk shirt – filippa k // coat – gina tricot // bag – balenciaga

Kierreltiin yks päivä kauppoja ja löysin sattumoisin nämä housut Monkista. Oli pakko saada ne, nuo napit on vaan niin hienot! Lahkeet oli pidemmät alunperin mutta mä lyhennytin ne. Musta ne oli huonolla tavalla liian lyhyet. Nyt ne on just hyvät. Ai vitsit, oispa jo kesä! Kesä, lyhyet lahkeet ja moppe. Ihan ku ois Roomassa.

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